Welcome to our Frequenlty Asked Questions.
On this page you will find all sorts of questions concerning our site.

Administrational questions:

Q: How do I cancel?
A: Click on the following link:

Club Seventeen Members
VIP Members
Norway Members

Q: I have tried to cancel through the link but I'm not sure if it has been accepted?
A: Just send us your username + the last 4 digits of your credit card to admin@clubseventeen.com and we will check in our system if the procedure has been succesfull.

Q: I would like to change my membership into a 30 or 90 days subscription.
A: Send us your username and the last 4 digits to admin@clubseventeen.com and we will change it for you.

Q: My credit card expired this month but I really would like to stay a member?
A: Just send your username and the last 8 digits of your credit card + your new credit card information to admin@clubseventeen.com

Q: I no longer have a credit card but I still wish to stay a member.
A: No worries, we have the following option for you:

You can also pay by wire transaction to:

P.O. Box 9
1520 AA Wormerveer
Account number:
Routing number: ABN ANL2A

Email us your desired password and a 6 digits membername to admin@clubseventeen.com.
Once we received your payment, we will activate your membership and confirm this by e-mail. From that moment on you will be able to enter our site.

For Dutch people:

Als u geen Credit Card heeft kunt u ook rechtstreeks aan ons betalen.
U kunt voor een periode van 30 of 90 dagen dagen lid worden.
Maak het bedrag dat benodigd is voor de site over en e-mail ons vervolgens het gewenste paswoord en gebruikersnaam (admin@clubseventeen.com).

Het rekeningnummer is t.n.v. I.M.C. Uitgeest onder vermelding
van de sitenaam.

Zodra wij de betaling ontvangen hebben zullen wij uw lidmaatschap activeren en ontvangt u een bevestiging per e-mail.

In English again:

Q: Under which name will my credit card be charged?
A: We appear for Mastercard statements under the neutral name "www.imcbill.com".
And for Visa Card statements under the neutral name www.imcbill.com

For other administrational questions or suggestions e-mail admin@clubseventeen.com

Technical Questions

Q: I am unable to log in?
A: Just contact our error department at admin@clubseventeen.com and they will guide you through the needed steps.

Q: I have problems with viewing the Chat?
A: Our Chat uses FLASH to stream the Live-feed .
In order to see the Chat you need to have installed FLASH from Adobe
and it has to be enabled in your browser options.

Questions about the Seventeen Live Chat section:

Operators There are two operators in the seventeenlive chat. Operator 1 controls studio 1 and 2 and operator 2 controls studio 3 and 4. The two operators in the chat can best be described as the hostess of the seventeenlive chat. They can answer your questions, relay messages to the other girls and also make sure that everybody is behaving correctly. The operators can issue a warning or remove you from the chatroom if you are misbehaving, cursing, insulting etc. It is not customary for the operators to undress in front of the camera however... occasionaly some operaters do!
Interaction You can be an active participant instead of an passive viewer! The hostesses can relay all your questions and wishes to the girls currently in the studios. Depending on what you ask and if the girl in question is prepared to do it, your wishes can really come true...just ask!
Private Chat

If you want to talk to a user in private or you want to ignore somebody who is insulting you, you can easily do so by clicking on a name in the nickname field at the far right side of the chat. Once you click on the name of the person you want to have a private chat with a special menu pops up.
In this menu there are four options :

Dialogue When clicked all dialogue between you and that person will be private and appear in red
Ignore When clicked all dialogue coming from that person is ignored untill you choose unignore
Unignore Cancels the Ignore option
Cancel Cancels the current menu
Misbehaviour The operators can issue a first-time warning to users when they misbehave or insult other users. If the user still keeps on misbehaving the operator can remove this person from the chat. If the user keeps on misbehaving over a long period of time the operator can ban the user which means that the user may not enter the seventeenlive chat ever again...so please be nice!