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Dr. Kama Sutra
Niches: Sex life Doctor Couple Threesome Treatment Brunette
Date online: February 2016 | Duration: 21:39
When their sex life hasn't changed in months this young couple decides to see the doctor for advice. He shows them the Kama Sutra book and orders them to try some of the positions on the spot so he can see if they do it right. They of course obey his orders and clearly they are doing it right because the doctor's pants are growing! When he walks to the bed and pulls out his dick she starts sucking it while her boyfriend is fucking her from behind. They sure visited the right hospital in their quest for some new sex adventures! The doctor joins them in the bed and teaches them all kinds of new tricks. » watch video!
Doc took my virginity
Niches: Virgin Doctor Treatment Shy Blonde Creampie
Date online: February 2016 | Duration: 27:56
She really wants to fuck her boyfriend for the very first time, but she is afraid he will be disappointed when she doesn't know what to do. It drives her crazy, so she pays her doctor a visit for help and advice. Healthcare must have really improved as the doc doesn't only offers to give advice, he pops her cherry right on the spot! When she leaves his office she knows how to suck a cock and what it feels like when someone plays with her tits and nipples. But most of all, she now knows that the feeling of a hard cock sliding inside her tight pussy is the best feeling she ever had! She goes home to treat her boyfriend to a really nice surprise - of course still acting as if this is her first time and she is simply very talented... » watch video!
Time for a wash
Niches: Washing Nurse Patient Small dick Hardcore Cumshot
Date online: February 2016 | Duration: 19:11
Nobody likes laying in a hospital bed, not in the least place because strangers touch your body everywhere. If you're an insecure guy and a hot nurse enters your room to wash you, it is the stuff nightmares are made off. What if she laughs at the size of my cock? She sees so many, she must know that it is really small. The nurse however doesn't take no for an answer and lifts the sheets anyway. When she sees his dick she starts to smile and offers to measure it. That's when the nightmare turns into a hot fantasie! It turns out his cock is nothing to be ashamed off and the nurse is more than willing to clean it - that is with her mouth instead of water - to prove it! » watch video!
Surprise inside my pussy
Niches: Sex toy Treatment Doctor Hardcore Teen Ball toy
Date online: February 2016 | Duration: 21:27
She has been having a weird feeling in her belly for a couple of days now. Sometimes it felt kind of nice, especially when she was sitting or bouncing up and down. But what was causing this strange sensation? Could there be something wrong with her? She decides to go to the hospital and when the handsome doctor tells her he wants to check internally she is a bit embarrassed to spread her legs. When his fingers go inside her pussy she can't help but to enjoy the feeling. She is just as surprised as the doctor when he pulls out a sex toy! She looks at him to see his reaction, but the doc is clearly turned on too. So she decides to give the doctor a thorough treatment as well and pulls down his pants to find out what he is hiding in there. » watch video!
Dildo by doctor's orders
Niches: Girlfriends Doctor Lesbian Treatment Toys Jerking off
Date online: February 2016 | Duration: 24:52
Two naughty girlfriends visit the doctor with a special kind of problem. Their pussies seem to be staying wet and they want to know what they can do about this. The doc tells them their pussies are horny and need some special attention. Thankfully he has something that will help! He gives them both a big dildo and orders them to start right away. The girl start playing and find out this was indeed what they needed. Things get a bit out of hand when they start eating each other's wet pussy as well. The doctor - still watching all of this - can't resist any longer and start jerking off while watching the girls enjoy themselves. » watch video!
Pussy examination
Niches: Nurse Doctor After work Treatment Hardcore
Date online: February 2016 | Duration: 22:41
One of the young nurses has some trouble with peeing so she decides to go see the doc after work. Of course she goes to see the handsome doctor she has been secretly admiring for a couple of weeks. He tells her to take off her panties and pee in a pot for him. But his eyes on her pussy make her so horny that her pussy swells up and she can't pee anymore. The doctor realizes what is happening and tells her to lay down on the bed so he can examine her pussy more closely. This time he uses his fingers and tongue and he soon finds out there is absolutely nothing wrong here, the pussy is tasting nice and sweet. To be absolutely sure he also put his cock inside there. Yup, this feels good! » watch video!