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Sexy teen masturbating in public

Tiffany Tatum | Schoolgirls Holiday

Tiffany Tatum can’t possibly wait for the bus while her pussy is tingling. It's all she can do to keep focus and pay attention to see if the bus is coming. It looks like there's only one thing a girl like her can do to solve the situation she's in. Behind the bus stop is a wooded area that she knows all too well. This isn't the first time that she's been horny while waiting for the bus. She knows that no one will disturb her and that's a real good thing. It is when you're pussy is screaming out for all the attention it can get. The fact that she's a truly horny teen can be seen the moment a toy is pulled out of her backpack. A girl who thinks about sex all day long is the only type who takes a toy with them wherever they go.








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