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Real teen couple fucking outdoors

Lexy B | Seventeen Special

Lexy and her guy friend have a problem that most teens can identify with. They can’t fuck each other back at home. Trying to bring the other into their bedroom isn’t even an option. That’s why they need to find a place where sex is possible. A grassy field is the closest place to the bus stop that they could find. Both are in a bit of a hurry. The grass will have to do for now. There’s no other place for either of them to have a little fun. They don’t have enough cash between the two of them for a hotel. Sex out in the open doesn’t phase either of them in the slightest. Not when they’re super horny. What happens in this grassy field will only ensure that more sex like this will follow. Teens are highly impulsive and they’ll revisit this site again to get their groove on.




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Real couple

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