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Slutty teen sucking cock till he cums

Sara K | Seventeen Special

Sara has met an older guy who has taken a real interest in her. It makes her feel like a million bucks to have an older friend who thinks she's as cool as he does. What she doesn't know is, all he wants to do was get into her panties. Friendship is not what he's seeking and that becomes obvious the very minute the two of them get frisky. All he's been able to think about is how tight her teen pussy must be. He won't have to wonder for much longer as she's more than willing to spread her legs for him. People always wonder what it takes to get into the sack with a delicious teen such as her. All it takes is being a savvy older guy who's patient enough to listen to a teen. The reward for pretending take care about her problems is being allowed to spray your semen all over her tasty body.




Cum Shot




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